What is STR8TALK?

This experienced duo offers STR8TALK,

a presentation that takes the viewer into the world of a recovering heroin addict and alcoholic

and exposes them to the gut-wrenching misery

of the co-dependency and agony his family faced during the years of addiction.

Attendees will hear the dramatic and captivating story,

told from the viewpoint of both the addict and their family

while learning what tools they used to find health and peace.

Driven by a decade of gut-wrenching misery,

become captivated by the HOPE this mother-son duo brings to the world today. 

STR8TALK at your event will:

  • Captivate and engage the audience with live music and videos 

  • Teach viewers about choices and consequences of life decisions

  • Educate your community on addiction and recovery

  • Provide a new viewpoint and prevention tools for our youth, parents and loved ones of someone in active addiction

  • Enlighten those dabbling with substances

  • Break the stigma of addiction

  • Support the battle against the opioid crisis