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A Shining Light

WAI-IAM, Inc. & RISE Recovery Community (RISE) seeks to empower those struggling with addiction to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. WAI-IAM, Inc. (Who Am I...I Am Me!) was started by a mother-son duo who survived nearly a decade in the world of addiction. Born out of that struggle was a desire to create the space for others to heal.


At our center, we’ve created a warm and nurturing environment in which members are encouraged to find clarity and peace with who they are. RISE was built on four major dimensions that support a life in recovery: Health—Overcoming or managing one’s disease(s) or symptoms—for example, abstaining from alcohol, illicit drugs, and non-prescribed medications—and making informed, healthy choices that support physical and emotional well-being. Home—Having a stable and safe place to live. Purpose—Conducting meaningful daily activities, such as holding a job, attending school, volunteering, family caretaking, and having creative endeavors; and the independence, income, and resources to participate in society. Community—Having relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love, and hope. 

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Credentials for Your Peace of Mind

WAI-IAM, Inc., the parent company of RISE Recovery Community, has worked hard to meet high quality standards that give our members, and their loved ones, peace of mind. Along with State of Michigan licensure, WAI-IAM, Inc. has also received a 3-year CARF Accreditation and MARR & NARR Certificates.

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Level III Program


3 Year Accreditation

The following programs/services are accredited:

Assessment and Referral: Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions (Adults)

Call Centers: Substance Use Disorders/Addictions (Adults)

Case Management/Services Coordination:  Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions (Adults)

Community Housing: Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions (Adults)

Prevention: Substance Use Disorders/Addictions (Adults)

Governance Standards Applied

NARR Standards

In 2011, NARR made history by establishing a national standard for recovery residences. This standard defines the spectrum of recovery oriented housing and services and distinguishes four different types, which are known as “levels” or “levels of support.” The standard was developed through a strength-based and collaborative approach that solicited input from all major regional and national recovery housing organizations. Guidance for the standard was also received from recovery residence providers (some with decades of experience) from across the nation representing all four levels of support and nationally recognized recovery support stakeholders.

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State of Michigan Substance Use Disorder License

Community Change, Alternatives, Information and Training (CAIT)

Screening and Assessment, Referral and Follow Up (SARF)

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